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Mar 23, Version Keywords: Mass Screening, Depressive Disorder, Benefit A Kritische Reflexion des Vorgehens. . Tabelle 4: Übersicht über die Kriterien für den Einschluss von eine onkologische Erkrankung oder ein kritisches Lebensereignis Search (#7 AND (english[LA] OR german[LA]). #9.

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In any event, the authors remark that initiatives like the Pacific Alliance could help to mitigate these effects. Indeed, depending on the agreements reached in the TTIP in terms of rules and cumulation of origin, countries that already have trade agreements with United States and the EU i. Regulations On the other hand, the trade rules arising from the TTIP will be key in the configuration of the international regulatory scenario in the coming years and will consequently have an impact on LAC trade, not just where United States and the EU are concerned, but also among countries in the region, and with the rest of the world.

Although, the first multilateral trade agreement since the creation of the WTO was concluded at the end of , progress in this field has been limited when set against what was stipulated upon the launch of the Doha Round in The EU and United States have been very active in this regard, moving forward bilaterally with their partners not only in the topics on the Doha Agenda, but also on "WTO-plus" issues, i. Given that these issues will be part of the TTIP, the consensus of rules between the leading players in world trade will very probably affect the agenda for these issues in the future, both in terms of regional agreements and multilateral negotiations.

The Latin American economies that already have agreements with United States and the EU may therefore be less likely to be affected by this phenomenon, as they have had to modify their national rules in order to implement these agreements. The challenge will, however, be of a greater order for the remaining countries.

Indeed, Felbermayr et al remind us that their estimates do not include benefits that might arise from the convergence of standards for this group, which could give rise to some net gains for these economies. To summarize, while the scope of the impact will depend on the final agreement, the conclusion of the TTIP will have major consequences for world trade. While its effects are likely to differ across the LAC economies, there is no doubt that a transatlantic agreement will represent a milestone that all countries will have to take on board in their international integration strategies.

Bizzarri, Kim. A Brave New Transatlantic Partnership. Seattle to Brussels Network. Brussels, October. European Commission. Initial EU Position Paper. Felbermayr G. Global Economic Dynamics - Bertelsmann Stiftung. Final Project Report. Final Report of the U. Does not include intra-EU27 trade. If intra-European trade is included, the share in the exchange of goods worldwide amounts to Source: Based on data from Comtrade. Does not include intra-EU27trade. Data from Source: Comtrade.


Does not include intracommunity trade. Source: Eurostat. The Commission was set up as a space to discuss migration, trade, border security, and binational market regularization issues. The Haitian government had expressed its concern over the provision in the framework of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States OAS , considering the large number of Haitian immigrants in Dominican Republic.

The meeting also reached agreement on other issues like customs cooperation, environmental issues, agricultural exports, and security, and it was agreed to reactivate the Joint Bilateral Commission, which will be responsible for followup on the agreements reached in the framework of this High-Level Dialogue Commission. A methodology of work was defined during the meeting, as well as the schedule for future meetings, to be held on a monthly basis.

The next meeting will be held in Dominican Republic, February 3.

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For more information, see the following links: [1]; [2]. Energy integration in Central America The Central American economies have been carrying out numerous initiatives with the goal of achieving energy development in the region, in a framework of sustainability and efficiency.

In terms of sustainability, during , the Central American countries have worked on the use of renewable sources for energy generation. Nicaragua is considered as a less economically developed country, as a result of which it is to enjoy non-reciprocal trade preferences. In this context, Chile has granted it immediate liberalization on more than items.

Among the most relevant headings were crustaceans, tobacco, oilseeds, cotton fabrics, cardboard packaging, and palm oil. The topics covered were those included in the offers exchanged in mid-December market access for agricultural and industrial goods, trade in services, and establishment and government procurement, and geographical indications. It must be remembered that the countries of the Andean Community of Nations CAN had started negotiations with the EU at the biregional level, but, due to differences among the member countries, Colombia and Peru moved ahead independently and signed an agreement in Bolivia and Ecuador suspended negotiations, but Ecuador decided to resume dialog with the EU after resolution of the banana dispute.

Thus, there was a weakening of external demand for the second consecutive year. To achieve the targets, quantitative and qualitative improvements must be made to the current export profile. First, the PADEx is to encourage the opening of new markets for Argentine products in 15 emerging nations that display greater signs of dynamism.

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Nearly two thirds of these goods are IM. The incentive package also included some services related to cultural industries, software, computer services, and professional services. The PADEx establishes various tools for increasing exports in the selected headings. Support measures must be negotiated with the producers of each value chain, taking into account the particular sectoral and regional economic features.

The tools available include: Trade Promotion: 92 trade missions and participation at international trade fairs. A differentiated repayment system was established between SMEs and large companies for the payment of national taxes. Some of the instruments chosen such as financing are already in force, while others are likely to be implemented as the program is applied. The publication may be accessed by clicking here.

Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama: They will continue to benefit from tariff preferences for some goods. It should be mentioned that several of these countries will continue to benefit from the GSP in spite of association agreements with the EU, because, while they are in force, they have not yet been fully implemented. Lucia, St. The remaining 20 countries, which have reached a high or medium-high level of per capita income according to the World Bank classification , have lost preferential access. Thus, exports from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Uruguay, and Venezuela have, since , entered the European market paying the most-favored-nation tariff.

Among the initiatives proposed are the identification of potential production linkage and the realization of a feasibility study for air interconnection among the ALBA-TCP countries and Petrocaribe.

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In the framework of the Summit, St. For more information, click here. Por su parte, EE. ICEX se reserva el derecho de eliminar aquellos comentarios que, entra otras cuestiones:. Memoria de Actividades.

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