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That in the long run, there is somewhat of a happy ending is almost accidental. Elinor could easily have lived the rest of her life alone. Miss Monro did. Elinor is really lucky to have found a friend in her old governess. Gaskell tells us again in this story of the importance of money in leading a satisfying life. She also suggests in many ways the class distinctions that dictate our standard of living.

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She points to the prejudice toward Mr. Dunster, because he was unlikeable—and how a group feeling rose up against him, making his disappearance a matter of no concern to anyone.

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I think Gaskell writes more of class issues in this story than she does in most of the other stories we have read. But yes the story itself: on the one hand, we could say it gently suggests to us all this loyalty to Mr Wilkins, the father is overdone, severely overdone. He was a weak man, self-centered utterly, partly because of his own class-ridden obsessions overspends and destroys himself; at the same time class protects him. I suggest Dunster was not liked also because he was a lower middle office worker.

How dare he? Note how Dixon was despised by Corbet early on and almost hung — still goes on, in Atonement, who is suspected and sent to prison, the working class male, uppity too you see. Like Linda, I was struck by the emphasis on class and class consciousness in the story, but also thought that Gaskell was sending out mixed signals: on the one hand she seemed critical of the snobbish, upper-class, knee-jerk rejection of upwardly mobile families like the Wilkins; on the other she seemed to confirm that prejudice by having Wilkins Jun.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad — mixing plays equally madly:. The mixed blessings of industrialization again. At least Ellinor gets her peaceful happy end with her Living-stone far away from Hell-ingford…. What we feel about something at any given point is probably a reflection of recent experience — for me often reading. So I was struck by how much this is a Bluebeard tale.

Another super-good passive heroine — or perhaps Gaskell splits her heroine in two so the Molly-Maggie to the rescue type is Writ Large in Amante. I was struck by how much the Radcliffe paradigm the labyrinth, corridors is made particular, non-formula-ized by the setting in Germany and all its particulars.

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Amante ends up dead and the murderer gets away with it; Anna ends up a grey woman afraid to go out and sees her husband — still at large reminding me here of Nader on Bush at large — looking his right age and strong. Uglow sees this story as among many by Gaskell where women become — are made to become, are trained to be — natural victims of the systems their required obedience supports. Until they have the courage to defy and then they may not survive. Amante and Anna are indeed a team, and could only escape by one behaving like a man, dressing like a man, working like one.

Uglow says Gaskell never loses her urge to speak for the outcast. Domestic hells of marriage — sometimes brought on by passion as we saw in Manchester Marriage are here too.

The latter is simply probable when you think what the average life was under such customs and laws. What surprises me, what I had not expected is the intense depression of these stories. Varied they are but all so sad. I like that only some of these are so very painful, many of them.

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A gothic of family, money, sexual pathology, the nexus not so different from the matter Mr Whicher investigates, — like Dostoevsky The story at first moves the story moves slowly and realistically — in the sense of psychologically complex enough characters, and we are beginning to get at the nub or crux of a crisis. For he knows as Gaskell does Ellinor wants none of this hard life.

But who ever said the gothic was a sane genre. Pauline Bourges, Winter midth century French Linda replied: I liked your summary and analysis of this story. Money too — as central as with Austen and Trollope, only no specific sums much given. Blog at WordPress.

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  • Post to Cancel. There is a mill by the Neckar side, to which many people resort for coffee, according to the fashion which is almost national in Germany. There is nothing particularly attractive in the situation of this mill; it is on the Mannheim the flat and unromantic side of Heidelberg. The river turns the mill wheel with a plenteous gushing sound; the out buildings and the dwelling house of the miller form a well kept dusty quadrangle. Again, further from the river, there is a garden full of willows, and arbours, and flower beds not well kept, but very profuse in flowers and luxuriant creepers, knotting and looping the arbours together.

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    In each of these arbours is a stationary table of white painted wood, and light moveable chairs of the same colour and material. I went to drink coffee there with some friends in The stately old miller came out to greet us, as some of the party were known to him of old. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In Stock.

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