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Mar 23, Version Keywords: Mass Screening, Depressive Disorder, Benefit A Kritische Reflexion des Vorgehens. . Tabelle 4: Übersicht über die Kriterien für den Einschluss von eine onkologische Erkrankung oder ein kritisches Lebensereignis Search (#7 AND (english[LA] OR german[LA]). #9.

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The Tide Raven. Hedemark Trading Union. Imilin Huro'ka. Archmage Imixie Annabelle Felsprocket. Sanctum of Magic. Imna Ayi Nakhudain. The Raven Creed. Ninth Battalion. The Order of the Fallen. The Hand of Agony.

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The Ravensun. Imoyen "Imo" Elizabeth Wilde. The Lawless. The Rotgarde. Lord Thomas L. Imperiosa - Blakemore II. This included trees, animals and birds including flying martins. The window depicts Christ appearing to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberius. Berry Pomeroy , Devon. In Whall designed the church's East window and in worked on two Chancel windows. One entitled "The Elders" was erected in memory of the Reverend H. Marston , Lincolnshire. The church has an Early English tower. The Chancel was restored by Charles Kirk in the s.

The church is a Grade I listed building. Whall's two-light window in the South Aisle West celebrates the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's rule. The left hand light shows a mother with two children and the right hand light shows a child sitting on Christ's lap. Inscription in left hand light reads "Suffer the little children to come unto me" and that in the right hand light reads "For such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

See image in gallery below. Fawley Chapel , Herefordshire. Whall designed a window for this church. Silk Willoughby , Lincolnshire. Whall worked on a five-light window in this church, this in memory of the Revd McKnight who was the St Denis Rector from to In The Buildings of England: Lincolnshire by Nikolaus Pevsner and John Harris, they say about this window "identical to one at Berry Pomeroy in Devon, The background details-bunches of grapes, wicker fence etc have a particular freshness". Dogmersfield , Hampshire. All Saints has a window by Whall which shows a representation of "The Annunciation".

Milland , Sussex.

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Whall designed two windows for this church. The first in the South Aisle is dated and that in the North Aisle dates from A photograph of the window is shown in the gallery below. In the window the subjects were David, St George and Jonathan. Pensax , Worcestershire. St Andrew. Farnham , Surrey. Whall executed a small two-light window in the South Transept entitled "Playful Angels". In this church is a plaque noting that it was there that Augustus Toplady wrote the hymn "Rock of Ages".

The window commemorates the mother of Harold Falkner, the Farnham architect. Sustead , Norfolk. Windows by Whall can be seen in this church. They depict the stories of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. Walton-on-the-Hill , Surrey. Whall designed a two-light window for this church. In the right hand light is the figure of St George and in the left hand light an angel offers the "Crown of Life" to St George. Preston , Hertfordshire. This church dates to and was designed by Thomas Carter. Whall completed a three-light window in on the theme of the "Jesse Tree". This is the East window which was erected in memory of Thomas Warrin who died in Haversham , Buckinghamshire.

Whall completed a three-light East window for this church dedicated to the Rev. Arthur Bruce Frazer who had been the Rector from to The central light shows Christ giving a blessing and the other two lights show St Peter and Saint Paul. There is a representation of "The Last Supper" at the bottom of the window. St Thomas looks most furtive and is given a black halo! Chipping Warden , Northamptonshire. It was donated by Anne Douglas in memory of her parents. The church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Horndon on the Hill is a Grade I listed building, situated on top of a hill, possibly on the site of a Saxon church.

The present building dates from the 13th century. It has an Arts and Crafts interior by C. Ashbee and W. At the West end of the North Aisle is a window designed by Whall featuring a depiction of the church.

Herringswell , Suffolk. Church rebuilt by Arthur Blomfield in when the existing church was destroyed by fire. This church has a remarkable collection of glass by Arts and Crafts artists including three stained glass windows by Whall. These include "The Good Shepherd" of and the "Resurrection". The window was commissioned by Mr. Leonard Davies in memory of his brother Herbert Davies and the black faced sheep in the scenes were drawn by Whall's sister-in-law, Alice Chaplin, who was sculptress to Queen Victoria.

It is recorded that the sheep depicted are exact portraits of sheep in the pedigree flock owned by Mr. The Whall window on the South side of the church is that depicting the "Resurrection". Note the symbolic "fish nimbus" which surrounds the figure of Christ. Whall also designed the window at the back of the choir, this in memory of the late Dr. Image, the uncle of Selwyn Image, a fellow stained glass artist and friend of Whall. Also in St Ethelbert is the window titled "Come unto Me,all ye that are weary and heavy laden,and I will give you rest" this done by Jasper Brett ,a pupil of Christopher Whall.

The church also has two stained glass windows which contain no figures but are studies of Herringswell in Spring and Autumn. Lowestoft , Suffolk. This window was moved from St Peter's church. Macclesfield , Cheshire. This window is dedicated to George Woodhouse. Ledbury , Herefordshire. A three-light traceried window has St Michael and Dragon in the central light and "Fortitude" and "Soul's journey" depicted in the other lights. This church also has a fine window by Veronica Whall from the s.

This features a horsed St Martin of Tours cutting off part of his cloak for a beggar. According to legend whilst St Martin was still a soldier at Amiens he experienced the vision that became the most-repeated episode from his life. He was at the gates of Amiens with his soldiers when he met a poorly dressed beggar and he was sufficiently moved to cut his own military cloak in half and shared it with the beggar. That night he dreamed of Jesus wearing the half-cloak Martin had given the beggar and in his dream he heard Jesus say to the angels: "Here is Martin, the Roman soldier who is not baptised; he has clad me.

Doddenham , Worcestershire. Ware , Hertfordshire. There are two Whall windows in this church. One dates from and is of three-lights. This window remembers five men who died in the Boer War and celebrates the safe return of another. The window is of five-lights and depicts "Christ in Majesty", with various Saints around Him.

Writing about the window, Pevsner states "Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites but refreshingly different from the ordinary run of early C20 windows" [36] [37]. St Oswald. Ashbourne , Derbyshire. This church has a spire of feet 65 metres referred to by George Eliot as the "finest single spire in England".

The church was consecrated in and is dedicated to St Oswald, the King of Northumbria, who died in A. In the s Sir Gilbert Scott carried out some restoration work which includes some choir stalls. There is much stained glass in the church including a Whall window dating to It was given to the church by Mr and Mrs. Peveril Turnbull of Sandybrook Hall and it commemorates their daughters, Monica and Dorothy, who died in a local fire in See image in gallery below courtesy Sue Hasker.

Hindhead , Surrey. Whall completed a three-light window for this church entitled "The Good Shepherd". The centre light shows Christ and in the right and left hand lights there are various images of sheep. Leicester , Leicestershire. These almshouses were founded in by Henry Earl of Lancaster and Leicester and were rebuilt in The original almshouses were known as the "Hospital of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary".

They were for a warden, 4 chaplains and 50 poor and infirm people, 20 of whom were to be resident there. By the number of resident poor people had doubled to The almshouse survived the dissolution and was renamed Trinity hospital in Whall executed an East window for the Chapel. Folkestone , Kent. There is a stained glass window representing the "Transfiguration" dating from , this a work of cooperation between Wilson and Christopher Whall.

Ettington , Warwickshire. Whall's composition depicts Christ the Good Shepherd surrounded by various sheep. Brantingham , Yorkshire. Whall completed a window in All Saints' South Chancel. Shanklin , Isle of Wight. The church dates from and was designed by the architect Thomas Hellyer. It has a Whall window which is a three-light window and covers the "Nativity". Lindfield , Sussex.

Whall was responsible for the third window in the South Chapel. It depicts "Justice and Prudence" [43]. Upton upon Severn , Worcestershire. The "new" church in Upton was finished in , and was built after the 'old' church was deemed to be in a bad state of repair and not big enough to serve the growing town's population.

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Arthur Blomfield drew up the plans for the "new" church and the site was donated by Mr G E Martin who owned the big house which was already on the site chosen; this was later to become the Rectory. The church has a four-light West window by Whall. The stone tablet in the church commemorating the donor of the window was carved by Eric Gill [44]. Bagendon , Gloucestershire. The present church was started around and remodelled in the Perpendicular style in the 15th century.

Saxon and Norman fragments are still visible. The bell tower was originally divided into two small chambers to be used by visiting priests. Whall was responsible for the North Chancel window. Woman, behold thy son! Whall designed a single lancet window for the North wall of the Lady Chapel of this church.

The window shows the Virgin Mary with her mother Saint Anne. Burford , Oxfordshire. Wall's three-light window in the South Transept shows scenes of St John's life in the left and right windows, and the centre light depicts the Revelation of St John. Avening , Gloucestershire. Whall executed two traceried windows for this church each of two lights. The first, the theme of which was Christ's resurrection from the tomb, was commissioned in his memory by the children of Robert Calcutt of Avening Lodge.

The first of the two lights shows Jesus standing in a yellow mandoria [47] which has a spiky exterior as though formed from rock crystals. In His left hand he carries the banner of the resurrection, a red cross on a white background while His right hand signals a blessing. To His left is a branch of a tree bearing red fruit possibly pomegranates, a symbol of resurrection.

The second light shows an angel kneeling before Christ. The second two light window also remembers Robert Calcutt and this window was dedicated by his widow. The theme of these two lights is the birth of Christ. The first light features the Star of the Nativity on the right side against a blue background and beneath this are three angels.

At their feet is the baby Jesus who lies on straw. The second light features Mary who kneels on straw in front of Jesus. Behind her cattle look over a wooden barrier and above them is the snow-covered stable roof with icicles hanging from it. Killington , Cumbria. Whall produced All Saints' East window between and The subject was the appearance of Christ to the assembled disciples after His Resurrection.

Outside a starry night and angels". This church was built in and has two stained glass windows by Whall in its nave. One window is a two-light window dating from and deals with "Christ's charge to Peter" and "Paul bidding farewell to the Elders at Ephesus". The second window also features St Peter and St Paul. Bleasby , Nottinghamshire. It has three lights with St Mary with the child Jesus in the central light. The two side lights feature angels playing musical instruments.

The principal inscription on the window is the opening words of the Magnificat: "My soul doth magnify The Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour". In the bottom right hand corner an inscription reads: "To the Glory of God, and in loving memory of Henry, Lewis Williams: for twenty-two years Vicar of this parish —". Little Casterton , Rutland. The west window features St George and dates to According to legend, St Hubert was an eighth-century nobleman who was converted to a religious life by the vision of a stag bearing a crucifix between its antlers, seen when hunting in an Ardennes forest on a Good Friday.

Whall executed a four-light window for this church.

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Cranleigh , Surrey. West Stafford , Dorset. Whall was responsible for the east window which was a memorial to Caroline Egerton, a daughter of Canon Smith. The window saw a re-use of glass in the tracery partly from the former East window and partly from an even earlier window. Richmond , Surrey. Eliot and Dorothy L. In , Arthur Grove extended the church by adding the sanctuary and Lady Chapel and the latter includes a Whall window installed in In this window there are five images from the life of Mary; the Annunciation, Mary with Elizabeth, the Nativity, the presentation in the Temple and Christ, aged 12, preaching in the temple.

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