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Subscribe to our Newsletter Close Stay connected. Daily Question, June 1 How do I belong? To whom do I belong? To what do I belong?

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Click here to cancel reply. Bob V Pkr, please hang in there. Have a blessed day. Penelope pkr, I am experiencing this same existential kind of crisis myself and it is so painful. Bob V What a fascinating series of questions! GCharlotte I belong by being part of daily conversations and experiences of yesterday. Ed Schulte How? GCharlotte I belong to God! I belong to my family! Shaun Baun I belong to Creation and Divinity, and the longing I experience is to be one with them and they with me. Mica I belong to so many dear family members, to my quilt guild, memoirs and line dance classes, as a member, a mom, a granny, a friend, a neighbor.

Bob V I was fascinated and challenged by the question as well. Bob V Beautiful answer. Samuel I belong because I make a daily effort to be as kind and thoughtful as possible to others so that I will be welcome in their midst.

QUIZ: Which community from The Walking Dead do you belong to? - PopBuzz

Michele How I belong is by surrounding myself with like minded people for the most part. Sarah I am a child of God, belonging to his care and protection. Samuel Sarah, your reflection is so lovely and so profound. Thank you….

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Using the silent treatment. Being unreliable. Staying friendly with exes.

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Being unresponsive. Which of these annoying habits in a partner do you think you could live with? Which of these honeymoon spots would you want to vacation in with your love? Which concert would you like to go to with your significant other?

Show me my results! Your email address:. Share Your Results! Try These Quizzes Next. Tell a friend Facebook SMS. Prev Quiz Next Quiz. About Quizly. Try again and answer honestly! Well, your partner is thrilling and always is looking for a way to go against something. You probably crave a rush of adrenaline but sometimes this significant other can take it too far.

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These relationships don't often last, but while they are going, it is fun to guess what happens next. They are always open to a new trip and they would love to travel the world with you! This person fits you because your answers indicated and fun, risky person who loves to go places! This person always knows what to say or do to make you feel better. This is probably because they have more than one sibling that is also your gender, therefore, they know your struggles more than other partners would. They also love to plan romantic evenings and are great at remembering important days!

These people are fairly predictable and are very plan oriented, just like you! You have a love for the arts and your partner should too! You enjoy just hanging out and listening to music, and this is why your partner loves you! Do you want a steady income that you can always depend on? Your partner would be very successful and rich, but maybe not the most romantic. But, you are totally fine with that since they are successful and supply you with all the money and power you need!

You will be single forever!

QUIZ: Which community from The Walking Dead do you belong to?

Ok, not really, but right now, you should be perfectly content with not having a significant other! Besides, you will always know you best, therefore, you are your ideal partner! Who do you belong with? Ever wonder what your ideal partner would be like? Take this quiz to find out! Created By Giselle Ruiz.