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Did it make you more curious about Haley? In the chapter transcribing a group therapy session for Chinese-American adoptees that Haley attends, many of the patients have mixed feelings about their adoptive and birth parents. Were you surprised by their anger?

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Did reading this novel affect your feelings about transnational adoption? The three most significant mother-daughter relationships in the novel are those between A-ma and Li-yan, Constance and Haley, and Li-yan and Haley. The connection between Li-yan and Haley, although arguably the emotional center of the novel, exists despite the absence of a relationship: though the two women think a great deal about each other, they do not meet until the very end of the story. How does this relationship in absence compare to the real-life relationships between A-ma and Li-yan and Constance and Haley?

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What are the formal and informal ways that Li-yan is educated? How are they different from how her family was educated? Li-yan is much older and more experienced when she meets Jin than she was when she fell in love with San-pa.

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How are the two men different? What do you think Li-yan learns from her first marriage? Almost everyone in the novel has a secret: Li-yan, A-ma, San-pa, Mr. Chang, and Jin.

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How do those secrets impact each character? The gritty subject matter is juxtaposed against a prose style we tend to associate with a different kind of novel — it reads more like a coming-of-age story than a thriller.

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  2. Genealogical and family history of the state of Connecticut; a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation?
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Instead of dying, she gets pregnant. The man and the woman planted a cherry tree behind the house and named their son Hans.

That was me. The self-conscious bleakness and attempts at timelessness can seem a little forced, as if they are mostly intended to give the impression of depth and to distinguish the book from more commercial novels.

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