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Oblivious to its size, this dog would love to go vermin hunting if only given the chance. Fortunately, the silky can meet its hunting needs by playing games and hunting toys around the house and yard. These are playful dogs, but also loving. Silky terriers can be great playmates for considerate children. They are fairly friendly toward strangers but can be aggressive to other dogs and pets. Silkies are great watchdogs although they could be accused of barking too much , but they are too small to be effective as protection dogs.

Obedience training is possible, but it must be made into a fun event or the silky just will not play. The silky terrier is a good choice for a person who wants adventure on a small scale. These dogs are extremely active but, because of their size, their exercise requirements can be met in a small space.

They are hunting terriers at heart, so care must be taken that they do not wander off in search of game. The silky owner must have a good sense of humor to appreciate the mischief these rascals are apt to get into. The coat needs a fair amount of care and should be brushed and combed every other day. Regular washing helps the coat look its best and prevents dirt build up that leads to tangling.

The silky terrier has some tough ancestors, descending from small vermin-catching terriers of Europe and later, Australia. The breed was created in Australia in the late s by crossing the Yorkshire terrier with the Australian terrier in an attempt to create a dog that combined the more robust body of the Australian Terrier with the coat color and quality of the Yorkshire terrier. In only a few generations, the new dogs were breeding true and they were dubbed silky terriers.

Arguments ensued about what the proper weight and name should be but, in , a compromise was made for weight. The name took a while longer to settle, going from Sydney silky terrier to Australian silky terrier before being changed to simply silky terrier when the breed came to America.

Since recognition by the American Kennel Club in , the breed has slowly gained a loyal following. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtube. About our Ads. Hill's - Transforming Lives. Your Email Address:. A valid email address is required. Please leave this field blank:. Please select your preferred country and language.

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Norway - Norge. Philippines English. Poland - Polska. Puerto Rico English. Republic of Singapore English. South Africa. Sweden - Sverige. Switzerland Suisse. Switzerland Schweiz. United Kingdom. Get your pup used to standing on the barrel when it sits on its base before moving to standing while the barrel is on its side.

They may feel a bit unsure when they feel the movement in it, but calmly reassure them and be patient. Let them learn at their speed. When they are happy with the progress, you can gently roll the barrel and ask your dog to walk. Before you know it, your dog will be performing like a circus star and rolling the barrel along themselves. This is quite a complex task for the dog, so patience will be required.

(ebook) Fun Training Your Silky Terrier Puppy and Dog

Make sure you reward them well for being so clever! Love this activity? Add your dog's photo.

Share Your Activity. Any Day. Coconut Oil. The obvious place to start with is the bath. Use a gentle dog shampoo and warm water to gently clean your dog's coat. Have some soft relaxing music on as well to help your dog relax. The Aussie Silk Terrier will enjoy the fun in the water, you could even blow some non-toxic bubbles for them to catch. Following the bath and rub down, put the blow dryer on the slow speed and lowest heat setting and gently dry their coat. Once dry, give them a dog massage and gentle patting. Check out YouTube to get some ideas.

Check with your vet to see if you can use coconut oil on your pet's fur. A little coconut oil will tame their silky locks and will have them glowing. Then you can even paint their toenails with a non-toxic nail polish if you wish. This activity is all about pampering your dog. Your Aussie Silk Terrier will love all the attention, the massage, and even the bath. Reward their patience with a nice treat or two. Then take some photos of your dog looking their best. After all your hard work, settle in with your dog and watch a great movie.

This is sheer bliss. Bubble blower and non-toxic bubble mix.

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Apart from organizing the day of fun, you don't have to do much else. When your little Aussie's mate arrives, leave them to play and chase each other around. You need to supervise to ensure both dogs are playing fair, but apart from that, let them wear off that initial energy burst.

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It takes little effort to blow a stream or two of bubbles at the dogs. This activity will provide a change of pace and you will have a lot of fun as they try to beat each other to the bubbles. Although you can do this activity during any type of weather, it is more fun if it is sunny and the dogs can play in the yard. After a while, both dogs will be feeling their energy dip so slow the playtime down and give them each a food dispensing toy to play with. Again, make sure you supervise so one dog doesn't take over both! These toys will keep the canine friends busy until your visiting dog owner comes to pick them up.

Your dog will be looking for your lap to snooze on after all that activity. More Fun Ideas Sprinklers on Timers This activity is perfect for a hot summer's day. If your dog loves playing with water, even better. Set your timer for short intervals such as ten minutes. Then as the sprinklers turn on, your dog will enjoy cooling down by running in and out of the sprinklers. Before they lose interest, turn the sprinkler off. They will soon get used to the idea that they will come on again, and will probably sit waiting and watching all afternoon.

Get them used to a name for the times when you are going to use the timer - for example, "water spray time is on"! Otherwise, they may wait each and every day for it to switch on! A Fence With a View Some dogs love to see what's going on in the outside world. Being a short dog, the Aussie Silk Terrier may find it hard to see over a normal sized fence.

Provide peepholes in the fence to view the street activity, or build a platform for them so that they can see over the fence. Just make sure they can't use that for a spring board to leap over! Having a wider view of the world will provide more interest in your dog's life. Peepholes can be purchased through building suppliers - they are usually made of a thick type of clear plastic and will protect your dog's face from outside attacks from other dogs. Go out and enjoy an hour or two in the sun, wandering around the grounds. You may see ducks and turtles - a bit of interesting scenery for your dog!

Stop often to allow your dog to investigate the bushes and scent trails they find. Teach your dog to be calm and to stay put as the ducks come closer. A dog will never tire of an outing such as this! Conclusion The Aussie Silk Terrier is deceptive in appearance, looking like a delicate pooch when in fact they are quite robust, mischievous and downright naughty at times.