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Mar 23, Version Keywords: Mass Screening, Depressive Disorder, Benefit A Kritische Reflexion des Vorgehens. . Tabelle 4: Übersicht über die Kriterien für den Einschluss von eine onkologische Erkrankung oder ein kritisches Lebensereignis Search (#7 AND (english[LA] OR german[LA]). #9.

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The preparedness we speak of is one that anticipates not only new information, but a wholesale dismantling of assumptions, a brutal correcting of misconceptions, a requirement that institutions and cultures rapidly adapt, a shift of perspective from the anthropocentric to the Cosmic, and as if that were not enough, an acceptance of telepathy, new conceptions of time and space, possible multiple dimensions, a blurring of the subjective and objective worlds, and of being sent from the top to near the bottom of a Galactic totem pole.

Perceived contact with ETs is transformative, and may have been at the origin of many religions and spiritual traditions. Not to be dismissed lightly, such contact has, at the very least, already impacted society, with the formation of cults, the emergence of what is essentially a new religion, and by assuming a permanent place in the entertainment industry. Individual contact with Star People may be part of an agenda to gradually and unobtrusively prepare mankind for a more widespread contact.

Existing psychological frameworks are able to address many aspects of this cultural phenomenon, but no one branch has the scope of inquiry required to address a comprehensive program of research. The psychology of cross cultural differences and communication, the sociology of acculturation, racism studies, altered states of consciousness, hypnosis, neuroscience, Jungian perspectives, developmental psychology, ecopsychology, the psychology of persuasion and influence, genetics and quantum physics all have contributions to make; yet exopsychology is more than a multidisciplinary study.

If that were the case, then the argument for a new branch of psychology would be premature. Exopsychology would contribute by not only integrating existing knowledge, but by also contributing research findings, concepts and theoretical models. What follows is a summary of the range of topics that are proposed to be appropriate to exopsychology, and to further delineate what makes exopsychology unique.

A theoretical framework is proposed that incorporates novel ideas, building upon the essential insights of Leary. Alternate concepts of time, are especially required for a fully developed theory that would guide research and foster understanding of the various experiences and phenomena being studied. Psychology has begun to address this issue, 5 but almost always from a dismissive, pathologizing base of assumptions.

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Exopsychology begins with the working hypothesis that UFORP are worthy of study, pose worthy challenges, and promise interesting fruit. Individual experiences taken en masse, contribute to culture, and the culture in turn informs, delineates, prescribes and proscribes various individual experiences. Polls tell us that large percentages of Americans believe in UFOs. A global phenomenon would, by definition, be expected to occur multi-nationally. This was highlighted by Mack, 7 when he noticed a shamanic theme among abductees.

An early research task for exopsychology would be, therefore, to confirm, disconfirm, or clarify the notion that indigenous peoples are central to the UFORP. Either way, traditional cultures have much to contribute, as described later. Third, the experience of seeing a UFO, and interacting with alien entities, involves alterations in consciousness that transcend the normal range of experience, and are transpersonal. Even in the absence of altered states, the experience impacts self concept, ego integrity, religious beliefs, sense of safety and predictability. Furthermore, the experience of sighting an unexplainable UFO introduces a range of questions, concerns and concepts that begin to work on the individual at many levels.

The experience introduces the Cosmic Perspective. This shift in perspective is potentially a prelude to a more transformative experience. A transpersonal analysis would consider the pre-conditions, experience, and impacts of a Cosmic Perspective. Fourth, when the Cosmic Perspective is taken to heart, a transformative process in initiated. Rebecca Hardcastle appears to have arrived at a similar conclusion:. Exopsychology would study the pre-requisites, contextual conditions, and processes involved in transformation, with the aim of assisting people as they undergo processes of awakening.

Exopsychology looks upon the transformation of consciousness as a part of evolution, taking humanity to the next level of capacity to process information. Each circuit has an increasing capacity to process information and increase the range of human interest and involvement, from basic survival at level one, to absorption in the quantum atomic matrix at level eight. His concepts form the starting point for a modernized exopsychology. The quantum and mathematical aspects of exopsychology are beyond the scope of this introductory paper.

For the present, let it be said that nonlocal effects have been observed at the neuronal level 35 , and between persons. These findings, coupled with a theoretical framework that invokes chaos theory to support claims of planetary and solar contextual influences on human life mediated at the quantum-neuronal level, form an essential, if more speculative, branch of exopsychology. Rebecca Hardcastle conceived of exoconsciousness.

She provides an overview of the physics and genetics that are pertinent to the study of consciousness, and that might bridge the previously intractable conceptual gap between the subjective and objective. The spirit of science is not bound to dogma and tradition. What counts is the discovery of truth. It is arrogant to assume that essential truths could not have been discovered in times past, by people who were not part of the scientific western tradition.

It is also ignorant, because Western Science would not have arisen as it did, without influences from the Arab world, in particular, the Sufis. Indigenous people maintain, to this day, ways of seeing and experiencing reality that provide an interesting counterpoint to the dominant Western discursive, rational mode of cognition. Mack made a point of emphasizing the link between the abduction phenomenon and shamanic worldview.

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Their teaching stories are full of references to beings that travel between times and places , and who appear in dreams, whirling clouds, visions, and specific locales — all of which may have bearing upon exopsychology. This is almost identical language to that used by Dr. Leary, who wrote of awakening latent neural circuits in order to become aware of our cosmic origins and destiny. The Sufis also have much to say regarding other areas of exopsychological inquiry, such as the psychosocial aspect of the UFO phenomenon. Their understanding of cult formation and maintenance, for example, sheds much needed light upon the various groups and quasi-religions that have formed around abductees and UFO researchers.

Two of Sigmund Freud's contemporaries, who studied with him as part of his inner circle, were Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung. They generated concepts pertinent to exopsychology. Jung advanced ideas of the unconscious that were contrary to those of Freud.

He considered the unconscious to be not only the repository of repressed desires and conflicts, but the treasure chest of the soul, a source of inspiration and wisdom, gateway to the collective unconscious, a field of awareness shared by mankind, populated by the energetic and symbolic forms called Archetypes. He wrote extensively about the Shadow , a clinically useful identity construct that also informs the study of cultural phenomena. Invoking alchemical and astrological theory, he wrote that the advent of UFOs presaged a new era in human history.

Despite conceptual gaps, his theories still maintain credibility, and are sometimes invoked to explain UFOs and the psychic phenomena that accompany them. Recent work with abductees suggests that his original ideas may not have been far off the mark. Wilhelm Reich , was perhaps too much ahead of the times for the authorities to stomach. Reich like Leary was condemned, imprisoned, and ostracized for his work.

He claimed that this force pervades the universe, could be accumulated in devices, and employed. One of his devices was aimed at a UFO, causing it to react. The link between UFO phenomena and psychic phenomena is established, and Reich's work may shed some light upon the connection. The sexual aspect of many abduction experiences, for example, may be related to the life force and essence of the orgasm , that Reich investigated with such passion. He, along with Carl Jung, generated an influence that was to later coalesce into the field of Transpersonal Psychology , devoted to the exploration of the highest potential of human beings, and involved the study of states of consciousness, spirituality, and the practices to induce transcendent states.

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The Transpersonal movement was led by Dr. Stanislas Grof and Timothy Leary , among others. They undertook a study of consciousness to explore not only clinical applications, but human development and evolution. Timothy Leary coined the term exopsychology in a book by that title in The baggage associated with Dr. Leary is unfortunate, but credit is here given where it is due. He described exopsychology in terms of understanding human consciousness in an evolutionary context, one that extended in the past to the genesis of life on Earth originating in outer space the panspermia hypothesis , to the return of humanity to the stars in an extraterrestrial migration, to complete the cycle.

He wrote about the consciousnesss requirements for extraterrestrial migration. His work is relevant to the study of how people may react to imminent, unequivocal disclosure of ET activity on Earth. He also wrote about shared reality, constructed by language and conditioning — a reality that is the lot of those who have not activated the higher brain circuits, and who are thus stuck at a larval Pre-migration stage of human development.

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In more recent times, Albert Harrison and Alan C. Elms , not mentioning Dr. Leary, proposed a new field of exopsychology. They proposed a range of studies of potential Extraterrestrial Intelligent Species contact and human reaction, including the social and cultural dimensions, ET psychology and perception, decoding of ET radio signals, the impact of technological diffusion, and studies of intelligence.

They suggest that we build upon the foundations already established by studies in communication and interpersonal distancing, social perception, and mass media studies. They also point out that ET contact will have a profound impact upon human self concept, among other vulnerabilities, so clinicians should be prepared to provide effective counselling, as well as coaching to negotiators and representatives. Compared to what is proposed here, their scope is limited. There is a pattern whereby the nearer the sighting, the stronger the alteration of consciousness.

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Abductees seem to have been hypnotized, complete with post hypnotic suggestions for amnesia, but hypnosis cannot be described simply as an ASC. The study of consciousness has been beset by problems of definition and lacks a theoretical model that accounts for the full range of phenomena involving consciousness. We are assembling the pieces of the puzzle, and have not begun to form a coherent whole. The main reason for this is that a truly multidisciplinary approach is required, yet poorly supported by current institutional and educational structures.

Mexico's Roswell. Ruben Uriarte Noe Torres. The Invitation. Jerome Clark Loren Coleman. The Haunted Universe. Dreamland Travels inside the Secret World of Roswell and The Owlman and Others. The Black Triangle Abduction. Ken Hudnall Sharon Hudnall. Zoosh Robert Shapiro. Stargate Conspiracy Revealing the truth behind extraterrestrial con Lynn Picknett Clive Prince. Don Ledger Chris Styles. Dogged Days. Prepare for the Landings Divine Blueprint. Beyond Science Fiction!

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects. UFO's in the Quran. James Newsome Pierce. The Physics of Encounter. Dennis G. The Essence of the Notes. Maurice Earl Osborn. When Prophecy Fails. MR Wayne D Brewer.

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Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html. Bernice H. Hill, Ph. Jung Institute of Colorado. She has presented seminars on UFOs and extraterrestrials to mental health professionals and the public in Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder. Her prior experiences include being a chemist for the Canadian Dept.


Appalled at the destructiveness of nuclear weaponry; she left science for social action. She served as advisor for a Canadian provincial Member of Parliament after his successful run as an independent. Following a fascination with the human psyche brought Bernice to the work of Carl Jung and Stan Grof.