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Mar 23, Version Keywords: Mass Screening, Depressive Disorder, Benefit A Kritische Reflexion des Vorgehens. . Tabelle 4: Übersicht über die Kriterien für den Einschluss von eine onkologische Erkrankung oder ein kritisches Lebensereignis Search (#7 AND (english[LA] OR german[LA]). #9.

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In conclusion, mention the need to place an in-house as well as a legislative mechanism also quote some examples , to maintain judicial accountability, without corroding judicial independence. Constitutional provisions related to judicial independence Process of removal of judges need to be revised The judicial standards and accountability bill was brought to ensure judicial accountability however it fell short in the following issues In the light of above statement, critically analyse the key proposals of SSA-2 project?

What are the various impediments faced by govt and other stakeholders, in improving the quality of education. Poor education outcomes have become a serious issue plaguing lower education in India. SSA project proposals was recently released with an aim to improve quality of education. It is hence an important topic of GS-2 and comes under the following headings. Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

The question demands a thorough analysis of the SSA-2 project, and also explain why after so much efforts quality of education has not improved. You should briefly mention the different stakeholders and then discuss the issues involved in improving the quality of education. Critically analyse- The SSA-2 project is to be subjected to a detailed analysis, wherein points favouring and against the given project are to be discussed.

Discuss- enlist and briefly explain the reason behind the impediments faced by govt and other stakeholders in improving the quality of education in India. Divide the body into 2 parts. In one part highlight the key proposals of the SSA-2 project and write points in favour of and against these proposals. In second part, briefly discuss the impediments faced by the government and other stakeholders in improving the quality of education in India. Various impediments in improving quality of education In light of the steps suggested in Draft National Forest Policy, critically examine whether this distant dream can be made a reality?

Down to Earth. Draft Policies are always important because they set the course of debate around a particular topic which remains in news. Thus it is important to examine the provisions of Draft National Forest Policy to see how successful they might be in achieving its stated objective. One also has to conclude with their own reasoning, why they feel the draft policy will be successful in achieving its objective.

Activia yogurt said it had "special bacterial ingredients."

Critically examine. Since the question mentions critically, we have to mention our own opinion based on reasoning as to whether the draft policy will succeed or not. In the introduction, you should write about the status of forest cover in India as per the recently released Indian Forest Report.

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One should also touch on the need for enhancing forest cover in light of climate change, shortage of rainfall and other such impacts. Thereafter, one can mention about the aim of draft policy. The body of this answer is pretty straight forward. We need to delve into the provisions of the forest policy and how each provision would impact forest cover.

Classify provisions of the forest policy into different heads such as Finance, Governance FRA and Gram Sabha Issue , Awareness, Administration diversion of land etc and examine these heads in light of the provisions of the Forest Policy.

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The conclusion should mention your stand. If you feel the forest policy will be successful, mention why and what else can be done. If not, mention why and what more should be done. Key demand of the question:. In the light of the given statement, discuss the need for improving the production of coarse grains in India. Also, analyse the recent budgetary proposals initiated by the government in this regard? It is an important topic of GS-3and comes under the heading-Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management; Major crops, cropping patterns in various parts of the country and issues related to direct and indirect farm subsidies and minimum support prices.

The question demands brief description and explanation for the emergence of new nutritional deficiencies due to changed production and consumption patterns caused by green revolution. Discuss: Explain how green Revolution has led to distortion in production and consumption of coarse grains in India. Write in depth about the recent budgetary proposals and their potential, limitations in achieving the goal of increased coarse grains production.

Divide the body of the answer into two parts. In one part, explain how green Revolution has led to new nutritional deficiencies. In another part enlist the key budgetary proposals initiated recently; elaborate these proposals by analysing their potential and their shortcomings. In the conclusion part briefly mention some plausible solutions to the problem.

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Green revolution led to nutritional deficiencies Why India needs to improve the production of coarse grains in India Freedom of press and role of press is constantly under scrutiny. Fake news has been a menace and government, news groups, ISPs etc are all brainstorming on how to check the menace of fake news. Your view on the quote is to be given on whether press is as critical as it is made out to be.

Next, we will discuss whether laws are sufficient to check the menace or whether the problem has become so deep rooted that one has to instil attitudinal change to check fake news. Here we can discuss the effectiveness of laws, rules and regulations and how effective is their persuasive value. Comment — you have to pick main points which are significance of press in the future of any republic whether laws are sufficient in bringing attitudinal change, also whether laws can catch up with technology.

Effectiveness of laws, rules and regulations vs change in moral consciousness should also be commented upon. Associated impact on freedom of speech also needs to be commented on. Introduction — Explain the quote and the menace of fake news. Body — Present your views with examples on the main points discussed above.

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Conclusion — Your view along with way forward such as self censorship etc. Journalism is in a state of considerable flux. New digital platforms have unleashed innovative journalistic practices that enable novel forms of communication and greater global reach than at any point in human history. In addition, growing polarisation of society on ideological lines has made the job of spreading fake news easier.

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  6. Advertisements and packaging increase consumer awareness of a product and provide information so that customers can make educated choices. Oftentimes, however, marketing strategies are focused more on raising sales than providing accurate product information. The Federal Trade Commission FTC handles numerous cases each year as part of its goal to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive practices. Last year, the FTC ruled that advertisements and packaging of various lines of clothing from a number of companies — including Sears, Amazon.

    In these cases, the companies marketed the products as environmentally friendly bamboo, when in fact the manufacturing process involved toxic chemicals. This incident is one of a slew of recent confrontations companies have had with a number of groups. Other products under scrutiny have ranged from shoes to cars. The Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI is one consumer advocacy group that is at the forefront of lawsuits related to food, beverages and health.

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    Citric acid, for example, can be either natural or artificially produced, which means seeing it listed as an ingredient does not tell a consumer very much, Gardner explained. Kashi, which claims to be all all-natural, actually contains artificial ingredients. To make matters worse, information found on packaging is often unreliable.

    These strategies are anti-competitive, Gardner argued. In order to be considered, a product had to be involved in some major settlement since the start of last year. We excluded incidents that were related to services rather than specific products, such as cases of predatory lending. Sears was the find the most out of several large companies , including Amazon. The FTC charged the companies for labelling clothing products as made of bamboo, when they were actually made of rayon.

    These companies had previously received warnings from the FTC in but did not alter their marketing strategies until last year, when the settlement was reached. So-called minimalist running gear has gained popularity in recent years, most notably the Vibram FiveFinger shoe, a close-fitting mimicry of the bare foot.