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We are committed to reaching out to people of all ages and from all walks of life including those who are often marginalized by society like young offenders, prostitutes, the homeless, the elderly and the disabled. We also believe in showing God's love to people in practical ways, whether through food banks Welfare for people in desperate need, of counseling and rehabilitation, for example. In addition to helping those in our local communities, we are passionate about issues that affect our wider world, such as sex trafficking, child slavery, poverty and injustice.

We take time to pray and counsel individual victims who come to our churches and also we pray for God to help victims all over the world to overcome their ordeals, all of which aim to demonstrate God's love for His people. Reaching women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ. Partnering with leaders in equipping and resourcing the church to create environments that encourage the This is a biblical model for Each vessel may be a different size and shape.

The Potter's Hand

Each may be intended for a different purpose and used at different times. One vessel may be used each day and another used on rare occasions. This does not mean that the one used daily is more significant than the vessel that is rarely used. He is the Potter and we are the clay. He is the One who has made us and shaped us, and He is the One who will use us according to His will.

We only frustrate ourselves when we decide how we should be used, when we should be used, or where we should be used. We can also add to our frustration by striving to make things happen.

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We must rest in His will and not struggle in our own attempts to be used by God at the time and in the way that seems best to us. Although we are different vessels with different functions, we can all be vessels of honor.

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A vessel of honor is a vessel that is clean. If we are a clean vessel, we are a vessel that is ready to be used as the Master chooses. Father, You have formed me and shaped me into the vessel of Your choosing. I ask that You create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Wash me by Your word, cleanse me through the blood of Jesus, and set me apart and use me in Your place, in Your way, at Your time.

Most messages start and stop with this text, God the potter taking the hard to shape clay and making something beneficial out of nothing. This text is really about God molding, shaping, correcting nations. On the wheel was the nation of Israel.

Warren MacKenzie: A Potter's Hands

Until you realize that God has the ability to change nations if they are willing, you will always fall short of thinking God can do something amazing and spectacular in your life. God the potter controls what he does with the clay, so the Lord is sovereign over the people of Judah. Picture this! The potter little legs are spinning the bottom wheel so that the top wheel is turning where the clay is in His hand.

He is working hard to work that clay in His hands. A grandfather and grandmother were in a gift shop looking for a gift for their granddaughter. Suddenly the grandmother sees this beautiful vase and shows it to the grandfather.

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This is perfect, it is the loveliest vase I have ever seen. At the point something remarkable happens, just like in a movie, the vase says to the grandparents. Thank you for the compliment, but I was not always beautiful. Instead of being surprised that the vase could talk, the grandfather asks the vase… what did you mean you were not always beautiful?

Once I was just an ugly lump of clay.

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One day a man with wet dirty hands threw me on the wheel and started turning me around. Then he poked me, punched me, made me dizzy and I yelled stop! Not yet He said.

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Each time that I thought he was done, he would start again and then he did something worse, he put me in a furnace. It got hot until I could not stand it. Stop, stop! Not yet he relied!