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The transition from an everyday to an enlightened life is the transition from non-universal to universal love, and only universal love can help human being achieve enlightenment; even the Bodhisattvas Mahayana saviors achieve nirvana only through universal love.

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Bodhisattvas are asked to apply universal love as water nourishes life. The Buddha had a former incarnation—king of merciful power Maitribala-raja —during which, as all his people had embraced the vegetarian life, Yaksas wild demonic beings who are hostages of people had no food and were suffering; the king fed five of them his own blood. Avalokiteshvara is the power of the Buddha, appears as his helper and embodies one of the two fundamental aspects of Buddhahood—universal love mahakaruna , and helps all beings through his limitless love, such as protecting from natural disasters and grants blessings to children.

Indeed, in the Far East, the Goddess of Mercy— the universal mother, is almost a household word to everybody, as an incarnation and embodiment of universal love.

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Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. December 1, at AM. All Notes. Embed Post. Then you can rise in love and not have to fall in love or fall out of love. Seeing that, forget ego. The selfish component needs to stay out. That way, personal love can flower.

People can love personally and naturally, and not fear that their tendency to do so is a crime, a danger, a problem. How is anyone to find heaven on earth if they cannot express personal love, and at the same time keep it unselfish? A woman's strong desire to love personally with great passion can create heaven on earth, but fear often prevents the expression of her powerful love. And a man will try to love universally and maybe have some success, but he'll fall far short of heaven if he does it without much passion.

Without passion, everyone is locked out of the real fire. And as I've said, no one will find the necessary passion until and unless they invest in personal love to the point where a bright fire awakens and burns brightly in them. Find a private place where you can focus your mind in peace. Often the best time for this will be in the middle of the night, when all are sleeping. You'll miss some sleep if you do this, obviously.

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But many lovers like you have gladly traded sleep for love! Focus on someone for whom you feel natural feelings of love. Picture them in your mind. Be with them in your mind and heart. Give them your love. Be happy with the feeling intensity that arises in the midst of loving personally. If you do these things sincerely, a little fire of love will start to burn in your mind and heart, and it is personal. Do not worry about it or doubt it because it is "only personal. Even God loves personally, you can be sure of it. So enjoy the ride! Pile on that fire everything you have that will make love's flame burn brighter and hotter.

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Throw on the fire all your caring, your passion, your desire. Build your fire until the fire burns big and bright and hot, and fills the sky and the space around you. Sit in the flame, and let the flame consume you. Let it consume your heart, your mind, and your body. Again, be happy with that. And again, do not doubt it. NOTE: The personal love experience described above starts out as a "meditation. Everything that is done in the true spirit of love is a gift. In true love, even your passion, even your desire, is a gift.

Friends, as you know, when people speak of passion or even of love, they often think of these things selfishly. But that is not what love is about. Love is about the beloved— not about the one who loves the beloved. Yes, love will make you happy. Yes, love does you good.

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But even so, remember this: Getting something for yourself is not the purpose for loving. Always, love is for the beloved. Giving, helping and healing are the purposes of love. To bring love back into power, we need passion-fire. With passion, love can live and burn like a wildfire all over the world. Love has the power to convert this world and everything in it.

Love can burn all the hate down, and plant beauty in its place. You are the light of the world. Love is the light of the world.

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It is important to know that if you love truly, you will indeed find yourself in love, in a bubble of love and a ball of energy. When one is truly in love, one lives in that bubble, that higher place, that heaven realm. So, if you are willing to enter into the realm of love, you can be in heaven even while still living in the hell that this world can be. Please try this: Cultivate personal love as I have described.

Develop it in your heart until you find yourself in heaven. Then stay there—stay in love. Don't go with the selfish tendencies, ego's backlash reactions. Don't let ego interpret love selfishly and thereby convert love from something generous to something selfish and UNloving. Don't do that, or you're back to hell again.

Instead, climb up to heaven, and this time, stay there. Please feel free to share copies of this article. We only ask that you mention its source. E-mail this article to a friend. Use the spaces below to send your comments directly to LLF via e-mail. You can write as much as you like in the comments area. When you are done, click the "Send Feedback" button. Comments are required. Your name is required.

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We've received thanks from many of you. When we appreciate anything that much, we WANT to support it. That's how we live. We give from our pockets as well as from our hearts. Thank you for your comments. They will help us improve our web site, and help others enjoy it more. Stairway to heaven The stairway is blocked Get selfishness out of the way A way to start climbing the love-stairs to heaven True personal love is unselfish Let love consume all.

TOP Stairway to heaven To experience being in love is to experience heaven on earth. They feel like they are in heaven. They experience a strong mind-heart connection to the beloved. They not only feel happy, they look happy—and radiant. TOP The stairway is blocked With their overflowing love, people in love bring heaven to earth.

TOP Get selfishness out of the way Children naturally love in a personal fashion. So let's cultivate deep personal love. These ways: When your heart flows like a river towards your beloved. When you feel the bubble—the presence—of love around you at times during the day.