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Austin, Ph. Austin has published numerous books and journal articles related to ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of the family, and philosophy of sport. He speaks on these and a variety of other topics related to the connections between character and human fulfillment.

Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life

I believe that the ethical insights of philosophers past and present are relevant to our lives in very practical ways. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? Austin Ph. Author of Ethics for Everyone I believe that the ethical insights of philosophers past and present are relevant to our lives in very practical ways. Read now. The discussion of the roles of religious rituals and practices, the social dimensions of religious communities that can encourage good character, and the activity of the Holy Spirit serves as a nice primer on character development within one religious tradition.

In some segments of the church it is suggested that Christianity is not about ethics; rather it is about a relationship with Christ. Christianity is not just an ethical system, and it is not a self-help program. But antipathy towards ethics is not a Christian attitude. Christianity is not merely about ethics, but it does essentially include ethics. More to the point, it focuses on the transformation of our character. The Christian, as a follower of Jesus, should seek to embody the moral and intellectual virtues of Jesus Christ.

He is our moral and intellectual exemplar.

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One way to try to close the character gap, or at least reduce it, is for our churches and ministries to focus on cultivating the character of Christ, in very practical ways. Books like N. As Christians, we need to be conscious of the character gap that exists between us and Christ. We will never bridge it, as we are mere humans and he is the perfect Son of God. However, as C. Lewis so memorably put it, "Every Christian is to become a little Christ.

The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is simply nothing else.

Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life

One function of the spiritual disciplines, such as Bible study, prayer, fasting, meditation and solitude is that they provide space for the cultivation of character. Are you struggling with self-control?

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  • Try fasting for a few days to give the Holy Spirit room to grow this trait in you. Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed at the pace of life, such that you are impatient? A bit of solitude can be useful for fostering peace that leads to patience. The wisdom of the Scriptures and those who have followed the Way before us show us the value of such practices.

    We would do well to focus on them as we seek to cultivate Christian virtues. If you are interested in learning about character, the often-praised but rarely understood idea, as well as implementing some strategies in your own life and encouraging growth in the lives of others, then you should read Christian Miller's The Character Gap.

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