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While both girls are unequaled in beauty, Manyara is selfish and rude and Nyasha has a heart of pure gold.

50 Must-Read Fairytale Books For Kids: Middle Grade and Picture Books

This Korean retelling introduces little readers to a young girl named Pear Blossom. Pear loses her mother and her father then remarries a terrible woman who has a daughter around Pear Blossoms's age. Her step-family is constantly thinking of ways to belittle her by calling her names and giving her impossible chores. This board book gives Rapunzel a beautiful Indian-inspired makeover.

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I love the books in the Once Upon a World series because they help change the way children see the world. Who says Rapunzel, Snow White, and Cinderella always have to look the same way? Follow the story of a little orphan girl from Greece.

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Young readers will enjoy the luminous and stunning watercolors and beautiful rhymes sprinkled throughout. The story is familiar to many children, so they should have no problem catching on to the differences between this story and the traditional tale. This beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written Creole folktale is full of expressive language that brings each scene to life. Little readers will venture to Louisiana in the American South and meet two sisters, cruel Rose and kind-hearted Blanche.

Blanche's aunty gives her a chicken house full of talking eggs with treasures for good, obedient girls: silver and jewels, dresses, shoes, and even a splendid carriage. There is an ice skating competition coming up and Little Red Gliding Hood knows she can win, but she doesn't have a partner. Oh, slippery slush! For this reason, we left the text as it was originally, even with a few gritty bits still in. It was only after they published their first volume that they realized younger readers were interested. They continually refined and finessed the stories over more than four decades, smoothing out the more violent parts, with the final edition appearing in This was the edition they felt was the most child-friendly, and it is this volume that we used as the basis for our translation.

What age group is this book suitable for?

17 Multicultural Fairy Tales to Delight Every Child | Brightly

This book is suitable for readers from 6 years of age onwards, and is certainly also intended for adults. The artists in this book span a range of nationalities, historical eras, and artistic styles. There are famous illustrators featured, as well as new discoveries in the mix. For instance, readers can learn about groundbreaking book illustrators from the 19th century, as well as the famous artists of the Golden Age of illustration from the early 20th century, both of which had a huge impact on animation and cartooning later.

This is a new approach to the tales. Is there text for those who want to learn more? There is an introduction that describes the history of the tales and their illustrators over time.

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Why a new translation? The delightful aspects of the tales are almost never talked about, and we really wanted to use the occasion of a new translation to highlight the genuine pleasure one gets from reading them. TASCHEN is like a modern family, and this is what makes the company a unique and honest representation of the whole gamut of human nature.

The diverse members of this family produce books that appeal to an equally diverse readership — from erotic provocateurs, to interior decorators, architects, fashionistas, and history and film buffs. But then, with the wave of a wand or at least the ping of a fertility-tracking app , came motherhood, and with it plenty of newly relevant lessons, including this: never say never.

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View image of Alamy. All of a sudden, the number of UK parents who edit fairy stories as they read them aloud — more than one in four , according to a poll published in — made complete sense. As the parent of a girl, my main concern is their preoccupation with external beauty and the link that these narratives forge between a comely face and a good heart. Princes, huh? All of it, I felt newly certain, could have been avoided had I not been lulled to sleep by stories like Cinderella and Snow White, their potent narratives of helpless beauties forming the warp and weft of my dreams.

Yes, I had become one of those women decrying princesses as toxic. As fans from Angela Carter to Neil Gaiman confirm, they gift a child with the tools for surviving future challenges and teach them about their own psyches.

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And yet, my problem with the stories persisted. View image of HarperCollins. There are, of course, plenty of anti-princess princess books out there for children, either re-tellings of the fairy tales or independent narratives that engage in lively debate with their tropes. These alternative texts were meagre in their imaginative reach, and often strangely aggressive with it — not a patch on the deeply resonant traditional fairy tales with their elves and toads, their forests and rubies and thorns. One of its key twists is that the beauty of its title is a young man.

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