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We invite you to walk the Labyrinth for your own purposes — perhaps a period of reflection or just for fun. To discover more about labyrinths please visit the Labyrinth Society website. The Labyrinth. Dennis Lee Jim Henson. David Bowie Jennifer Connelly.

Sarah is a complete brat

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Comic Book Resources. August 5, In contemporary western society, adorning yourself with jewelry is typically considered to be a feminine act. Men will wear some jewelry, such as wedding bands, religious necklaces, or cufflinks, but usually it's women who pierce their ears, receive engagement rings, and customize their outfits with carefully curated accessories.

But Hoggle isn't here for any of that. Rather, he unapologetically loves jewelry, as he tells Sarah, and is overwhelmed when she gifts him her bracelet. Hoggle isn't here for capitalism either, as he treasures that plastic like it's diamonds and pearls.

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So he's understandably freaked out when Sarah takes his jewels away, and in an ableist move, holds his stash over his head where he can't reach it. Fortunately he gets it back, and can resume his own personal jewelry curation. Technically Labyrinth fails the Bechdel Test. While Sarah does talk to both her step-mother and the bag lady about topics other than men, neither of those characters have been given a name.

Additionally, literally everyone else in the movie except for the fairies that Hoggle is assaulting at the beginning is presumably male do door-knockers have genders? But in spite of this, Labyrinth has a lot going for it insofar as feminism is concerned. For one, the protagonist is female, and her character is multi-dimensional and developed. She also gets stronger and more independent throughout the movie as she progresses through the labyrinth and evades Jareth's many obstacles. Without Labyrinth , would we have The Craft or Buffy?

In most fairy tales, the heroine of the story gets married—think Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. But Sarah isn't your typical fairy tale heroine, and so she rejects Jareth's offer of marriage even though it would have made her a queen. That's because she doesn't need his power, as she already has an immense amount of her own, and she finally starts to realize it toward the end of the film.

During their final confrontation, she recites the self-affirming lines from the play she was performing in the beginning but couldn't remember , culminating with a triumphant, "you have no power over me. She might not be a queen surveying her goblin-populated domain, but she's home, which is what she wanted. Sarah got hers in the end. All rights reserved. Things about Labyrinth you only notice as an adult. Jareth is It's creepy that Jareth courts Sarah. Sarah's library shows the movie's influences Youtube. It's a classic coming-of-age fairy tale. Sexual innuendos abound.

What does it all mean? Well, here's one guess…. The labyrinth is Sarah's subconscious mind.